Yapack.com is created from the search for a global solution to the climate change that moves us day by day, paying special attention to the ecosystem of our planet.

Our team has participated in this process of global change and together with our suppliers we have developed a mixed paper where 90% is industrial recycled paper and the other 10% is household waste. Today our paper is 100% Chilean.

Yapack is FSC C142097 certified, which guarantees our customers that the raw material comes from responsible logging. For our company, the most important thing is to continue advancing in the development of sustainable products, improvements for our collaborators and our strongest commitment to make our country a world reference in the production of compatible and friendly articles with our planet.


We always seek to deliver the best service and quality to our customers.

Our machines are at the highest standards of the world's paper bag industry, which positions us as the best alternative to their needs for both small and large companies, with products that really help in the care of the planet.

We have the flexibility, speed and capacity to generate deliveries in large volumes of units per month, with materials between 30gr to 180gr, using top quality papers.
30gr to 180gr, using first quality papers and most importantly, our recycled materials are 100% national, helping with the circular economy of papers coming from homes and companies, cooperating with the protection of the environment.

*National recycling
*State-of-the-art technology
*Efficiency in the packaging, storage and logistics line.
*More strength with less grams
*Daily improvements for our equipment

The bag making machines manufacture your bag 100% automatically, from the printing process with water-based inks, the installation of handles, terminations and organic adhesives, avoiding any type of contamination or manipulation of the bags.


Our printing section has the ability to:

  • Digital mounting on printing sleeves
  • State-of-the-art printing sleeve machinery, which allows for a longer duration in the clisses of our customers.
  • We use water-based, solvent-free inks, using organic and contaminant-free materials, to print the image on our customers' bags.


We have facilities in which we can store your printed product needs, and we have permanent stock of unprinted bags in all our formats.

We also have vehicles with ramps for 24 pallet deliveries, up to small vehicles for point-to-point deliveries throughout the Metropolitan Region.